The Untold Truth of The Bachelor....

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The Untold Truth of The Bachelor....

Post by rkc1960 on Wed Jul 12, 2017 9:24 am

A lot of this stuff I already knew, but I found the part about how manipulated the tears are to be interesting how far they will go. The producer that told this I recognized her name as the one who quit the show and went on to be one of the people behind the show UnReal. She has always told it like it is because she no longer works for them and doesn't have to worry about losing her job.
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Re: The Untold Truth of The Bachelor....

Post by Feces.Hurling.Monkey Today at 11:51 am

Seems like Sean Lowe was holding back, but trying to be enlightening ("whew, so glad the roses they hand out are real - for a minute I thought it was fake the the entire show).  

You're right, not much we didn't know, but I recall one B'ette saying how the Loser Limo ride is one big humiliation of bully questions like, "since you got rejected, do you think anybody will ever love you?"   just trying to make them cry....
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