A word about AJ

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A word about AJ Empty A word about AJ

Post by tweens on Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:15 pm

So, I guess the writers plunged the final nail into AJ's coffin today. Michael's decided to use the money he had put aside to build a clinic in honor of his father...his REAL father...to save the hospital. Albeit it's a noble cause, and I have no doubt AJ would be fine with it, when Michael spoke those words, I felt so sad. Crying or Very sad  
I was a big AJ fan; not of what horrible things he had done in the past, but of what he had worked hard to become. He had such potential to be a good father to Michael, not to mention being CEO of ELQ, and making his grandfather proud.
But RC had to ruin all of that because Sean Kanan called him out on his poor writing. I don't blame him a bit...I too would have complained about an entire storyline revolving around relish! But RC had to throw the character under the bus, and I still say that was a personal attack. Hell, if he had a falling out with Sean (and I much preferred him in the role) he could have brought Billy Warlock back, for goodness sake!  
I grew so tired of the constant AJ-bashing from all the other characters, and although I like Sonny, I didn't like the fact that he literally got away with murdering his son's father (and the fact that now Michael is back in the Corinthos fold with barely a mention of his real dad). I guess I should be thankful that Michael's running ELQ...at least that's something. 
Sorry for the rant, but as I said, that line just hit me. But yay, Quartermaines, for stepping up!! Thumbs up!


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A word about AJ Empty Re: A word about AJ

Post by MPchimesin on Sat Feb 18, 2017 7:21 am

I agree poor writing for the character and I don't blame Sean for wanting out, but YEAH YOU GO "QUARTERMAINES".....Take that Olivia Jerome now say bye bye your business in Port Chuck is over!
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A word about AJ Empty Re: A word about AJ

Post by wizkids32 on Sat Feb 18, 2017 4:34 pm

Yep I think that and it is OK because he wasn't that good at all he was an alcoholic and they really never dealt with that at all and he never recovered from it at all

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A word about AJ Empty Re: A word about AJ

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