Franco-Drew Trial and Another Plot Failure

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Franco-Drew Trial and Another Plot Failure Empty Franco-Drew Trial and Another Plot Failure

Post by Freda3000 on Fri Oct 25, 2019 3:33 pm

I find the whole thing rather absurd...   most of all, that Scott never brought up what, to me, is a glaring fact:  If Drew's memories are allowed to stay in Franco's body, they have, in effect, murdered Franco Baldwin.   This whole story line is just so nuts...   I also think the SL of putting Sam in prison for murdering Shiloh is absurd.  It was obviously self-defense, or at least defense of Jason!   I don't recall anyone mentioning trying to find  Shiloh's fingerprints on that spikey thing he was aiming at Jason...  that would have clinched it, I would think.   I think they are using bad plot lines a lot lately and it is so sad.

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Franco-Drew Trial and Another Plot Failure Empty Re: Franco-Drew Trial and Another Plot Failure

Post by believeinme246 on Sat Oct 26, 2019 2:58 pm

I think that it's ridiculous that Sam would be arrested when it was obviously to prevent her husband from being murdered with a grappling hook. I hate the Kendra storyline. 

As for Franco, if they haven't effectively murdered them, they are certainly keeping him prisoner against his will.

It really bothers me that the direction for FrankenDrew is to make him so different from the essence of the Drew that we knew. This person is cold and Drew was as warm as could be. He certainly didn't get that from Stone Cold. This person has a southern accent whereas Drew had a more mainstream PC accent. This person is more robotic. This person is more lusty whereas Drew was more loving. This person is selfish whereas Drew was anything but. 

At least if we are to believe he is Drew, then make him like Drew.

I'm still upset that BM is no longer with the show, and that the real Drew isn't really being mourned.
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