Anna nad the WSB guy

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Anna nad the WSB guy Empty Anna nad the WSB guy

Post by Tarnobrzeg on Tue May 30, 2017 9:16 pm

When the WSB guy showed Anna his badge..I said TOOOO fast.. He could really be a bad guy..Why did the real bad guys show up? Who are they working for if Helena is dead?
I loved today so much..real excitment


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Anna nad the WSB guy Empty Re: Anna nad the WSB guy

Post by GH Senior on Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:46 pm

i wish someone would explain to me how Anna and a few on GH can afford to cast such a horrid picture of Valentin? if memory serves, wasn't Anna, yes her, not Alex, the double "agent" and became the "bad guy", who turned on OUR government???   seems she skated free, and is now in good standing with the WSB?  Double standard much??  I'm sorry, I am team Valentin when it comes to "HIS" daughter Charlotte, and I do not want her to be with Lulu!  I was hoping they'd find out, she wasn't the mother!  Let it be somebody else from Cassadine Island! But back to Anna, she was no saint, yet, everyone reveres and praises her in PC!
Then we have the other ones like Lulu, who had a pretty lousy track record doing wrong in PC, but did she pay? Nope!  Laura and she, and many others, crying over Nik, oh yeah, wait a minute, didn't he become "evil" in his supposed demise?  Look at what he did and was involved with, with his loving Helena, and brides, and the burning of the votes?  Or do the writer's think, all is forgotten and forgiven, and in the past?  Saint Nik, he wasn't! AND, I don't believe Nik is dead. 

But right now, i'm miffed with Anna, and her wanting Valentin in custody!  To me, he should have CROSSED THE BORDER ALREADY,  with Charlotte!  But of course, the writer's will make sure, he gets caught, and Lulu, (who I wish was already gone, and have her baby already), they will make it where she has Charlotte!  this isn't right, no way! 
Now today, blabber mouth Nina, gives him up!  Just hands him over and betrays him!  I wanted Nina and Val to make it!  They are an awesome couple! 
But again I say, why doesn't most of the characters on GH ever pay for anything? It is so far fetched and unrealistic!  So I'm not into quite a few of the S L's.  Glad Ava is in "SOME" way paying the price for her horrible deeds!  Yup, Sonny and Carly are getting their revenge, even if she's not dead!  BUT AGAIN, the writer's are going to pair this horrible, character, mob boss, liar, no conscience, woman, with of all people, Dr Monroe?  Come on, how gullible do you think the fans are!  I'm not watching this unfold, not for a moment!  Just to keep Ava on the show!  another stupid, senseless, S L!!!!  

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