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Re: Previews

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 24, 2014 2:58 am

Thanks, SLA.  Chris comes across as a really genuine man.


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Re: Previews

Post by singlyme on Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:45 am

Note:  I moved this posting over to the Discussion thread:

This is what I posted on the ABC board:

I'm sure I'll have some differing opinions, but here goes:

Nick has the perfect aura to be cast in the starring role of a movie about Ted Bundy. There's something slightly sinister in that smug smile. The charmer who turns control freak.

JJ: I understood what he was saying about cheering for the guy who gets the rose. It's like cheering when the opposing team scores a basket. Human nature says the others were either hiding their true feelings or should be wearing halos.

Dylan: What sleaze producer decided on those two questions (hands and 20) to be aired? Disgusting. Could his secret be he was a male escort at some low point? Don't care, really. He's a downer. Don't think we've seen him smile, have we?

Josh: Obviously, he was deeply offended that she didn't trust him. (Has he ever watched this show?) And Andi was deeply offended that he confronted her on the topic. Listen, I've been known to hang up on political surveys when they ask a question I feel is too probing.

For some reason, Marcus remains a background filler for me. I know many think he's hot, but I haven't seen much in the way of personality. Has there really been much film on him - or is he that forgettable to me?

It was surprising that Chris was the secret admirer. This guy has a lot to offer - but I don't like the way he walks. lol

Brian is losing me.

What was up with that russet job Andi wore when she sent Cody home? I had a WTH moment and had to rewind to see what she had on. Horrendous. They were as tight as the skin on a russet potato. Did the camel have three toes? I wasn't crazy about Andi to begin with and the duck lips are beginning to annoy me. I found myself testing how she has to hold her mouth to form them. lol.

Please post your discussion items on the discussion thread - sorry I forgot to start that thread last night.

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