Pippa Middleton Gets The Final Wedding Rose....

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Pippa Middleton Gets The Final Wedding Rose....

Post by Feces.Hurling.Monkey on Sun May 21, 2017 10:20 am

You all remember Pippa don't you - the younger sis of Kate; the woman that upstaged her big Sis's wedding with her Banging-Hot shapely Butt.  The Butt the London Daily Mail appropriately called, ' The Rear of the Year' !!  ...I'm telling you now, I would Tap dat Ass like a pony keg at a Frat Party.   So Fine

Anyway, I guess I won't be tapping it because she got married yesterday and let me say she looked like classy Angelic-like.  So nice to see a woman wear something respectful and reverence.  I tell  you a few months ago I went to my buddies lil sis wedding and - don't get me wrong, she's a sweetheart and really nice person, but she wore a wedding dress that looked like a Nightie; Cleavage all out, the dress was 'above the knee' and was shear as a see-through nightie.    Here's how a woman outta look at her wedding:

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Re: Pippa Middleton Gets The Final Wedding Rose....

Post by therealdfshary on Sun May 21, 2017 12:36 pm

Beautiful---All class  Smile
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