Mike Fleiss Gets a Midnight Call From Iowa State Ppenitentiary

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Mike Fleiss Gets a Midnight Call From Iowa State Ppenitentiary

Post by Feces.Hurling.Monkey on Mon May 01, 2017 10:40 pm

Operator:  “You have a collect call from inmate number 69-RU-DTF, will you accept the charges?”

Fleiss:  “Umm  Ahh,,,, is he sober?”

Chris: “Mike,,,, listen man, I can explain everything, but get this:  how about me on Bach In Paradise this Summer with an Ankle Monitor?   We’ll kill the ratings…Chicks love a Bad Boy”

Fleiss:  “Uh…I wouldn’t use the word Kill if I were you?”

Chris {muffled sound / hand over receiver}: “Hey getyo hands off my Ass………{full volume} “Sorry Mike, ya can’t turn your back on these Big Skids in here…..Whaddya say we redo the contract…?”

 Fleiss:   “You ain’t gonna be able to leave the country….”

Chris: “I’ll even include a spin off Reality Show, we can call it:  ‘Bachelor Behind Bars”…. Or, hey howbout, ‘Jail Bait’...C’mon man, I need a second chance”.

Fleiss: “We’re gonna go a different direction:  like maybe the white-guy rejects from Rachel’s show”.

Chris: “Awe man, can ya at least try to work me a conjugal visit from Whitney; maybe get Harrison to send her a Fantasy Suite Card for Bunk Bed Jail ?#@??”

Fleiss:  “Cash me outside how bout dah?”
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