'The Bachelor' recap: As Long As Nick Loves Me

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'The Bachelor' recap: As Long As Nick Loves Me

Post by Bach98133 Yesterday at 11:15 pm


"For those of you who’ve forgotten, we ended last week’s episode on a crazy cliffhanger when Nick sent Liz home before returning to the group date and saying the three words that would change absolutely nothing: “We had sex.”

This week, we pick up the next morning as word of Nick and Liz’s one night of moderate passion spreads. The women let us know that Christen — a.k.a. the one who approached Nick about the entire situation — received the date rose, and now, everyone is “going crazy,” which according to what they just cut to means — gasp! — doing one another’s makeup!

. . . "

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Re: 'The Bachelor' recap: As Long As Nick Loves Me

Post by Moonbat Today at 9:31 am

Surely this will go down as one of the most dramatic seasons ever!  Laughing


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