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Post by gh5fan Yesterday at 4:51 pm

I do not like the direction that GH seems to be taking ROHO's character Franco.

If Tom attempts/or rapes Kiki, Franco probably will kill him.  Or if Tom attempts/rapes

Kiki she may kill him in self defense and Franco takes the blame and goes to Pentonville.

I don't like those options at all for the future prospects of having ROHO as part of GH.

He is an amazingly talented actor.  I hope they keep the positive movement going

forward to Franco's redemption.


Either way, I hope Kiki is safe.  She has turned into a likable character after her

brother to brother bounce introduction.


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Post by 431902j Yesterday at 5:25 pm

I totally agree with you about ROHO. I absolutely hated James Franco.
But Roger has turned that character around and I feel the hurt that he experiences. He's my favorite actor on GH. (Just don't like the facial hair) 
So I guess they will put Liz and Griffin together and break Franco's heart. Even tho they would make a cute couple, My heart will break for Franco.
Franco thinks of KiKi as a daughter, so if Tom attacks KiKi, Franco really will kill him. And I will applaud him for doing it.
I Luv Roger.
I need to get a grip. It's a daytime drama.

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Post by MPchimesin Today at 4:26 pm

Was their even a need to bring this dude back....really not in my book and if he does hurt Kiki I hope Ava is the one to cut his b-lls off!

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Post by moon0627 Today at 4:35 pm

Same here ... not liking the changes going on with his character.  After all the process of redeeming him why switch him back to the bad guy ?  Is it a way to let Liz off the hook ?  I love Roger and dont want to see him go the way of the original Franco.  Now he's even going to Heather for advice - thats not a good sign  Sad


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Post by wizkids32 Today at 4:37 pm

I agree I wish they would get rid of Franco and make him Todd and change him so that he isn't going after Tom and Tom needs go away just leave Liz and every one alone

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Post by believeinme246 Today at 5:54 pm

I really dislike violence on our soap. I liked Franco when he was with Nina and trying to better himself. I do not like what he is now becoming. I do not like that he is more concerned about what people think of him than he is about owning up to what he did and understanding why people still do not accept him. It makes him whiny and that is a shame because the Gift of the Magi storyline with Nina in the hospital and with Kiki after learning that Ava was alive and slept with Morgan again was just so wonderful. I do not know why they are ruining him.

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