Nick's Fan thread (positive posts only)

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Nick's Fan thread (positive posts only)

Post by Bach98133 on Wed Sep 14, 2016 12:27 pm

I am creating this thread in the hope of reducing arguments.  If you are not a Nick fan and want to criticize him, please post in the general Nick topics thread.

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Re: Nick's Fan thread (positive posts only)

Post by Lesallee on Wed Sep 14, 2016 7:03 pm

Civil discourse is back on the board (hopefully). Thanks Bach. 

Nick: I first met Nick on Kaitlyn's B'ette season. He took a lot of flak and abuse then but I had the feeling that he was sincere in his feelings toward Kaitlyn. Certainly Kaitlyn was very near to loving him. She has never bad mouthed him in any way since. 

Then this just ended season of BIP showed a Nick I liked and enjoyed. He got along with everyone (except Josh of course) and the whole cast liked him. I certainly can't condem Nick for ending it with Jen. Rather I think he was wise, a few days acquaintance isn't a basis for a lifelong commitment. 

Now Nick is the next Bach making some downright livid while pleasing many. For me, I am looking forward to Nick as the Bach. I've said before I watch these escapist shows strictly for entertainment and I think Nick's season will be entertaining. If it's not I'll just turn it off. 

I can't help adding, if anyone is greasy, it's Josh Murray. He positively glistens! 

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Re: Nick's Fan thread (positive posts only)

Post by Glittersisgld on Thu Sep 15, 2016 9:45 am

I'm looking forward to his season.

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