Interview: Emmy Rylan

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Interview: Emmy Rylan

Post by ldeichmill on Tue Aug 23, 2016 8:07 pm

On General Hospital, Lulu (Emme Rylan) wants to have another baby to add to her family with Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and their son, Rocco.   It has not been an easy path for Lulu in the pregnancy department in the past, instead it has been heartbreaking.  But will there be another Lante baby on the way … or, is there a mysterious Cassadine baby out there whose bio-momma is actually Lulu?  That is the question on many GH fans minds.

During GHFCW, Emme Rylan chatted with On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman in one of our most hilarious and entertaining interviews with the talented actress to date! Starting with the recent Cassadine Island adventure which featured: the introduction of Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), Lulu toting a gun, and more clues as to the mysterious address on Helena’s empty envelope given to Lulu at her will reading.  There were plenty of inside tidbits provided by Emme that had our curiosity piqued, and also has us in stitches!

Here’s what Emme shared about the sometime absurdity of soap, making it real, and working with some of the biggest talents in daytime including; her on-screen mom, Genie Francis (Laura).  Plus, she reveals just what did she think of the ‘Nik switch’ when Nick Stabile temporarily stepped in for her on-screen brother, Tyler Christopher!  Find out all this and more from the gospel according to Emme below!

There was nothing funnier to me than when you as Lulu had to keep repeating the directions to the escape route off of Cassadine Island!  I kept thinking of you having to repeat those over, and over, and over! (Laughs)

EMME:  Yes! Yes!  And then when I went downstairs and I said it again, when we shot that it was different than what I had repeated before. The producers go “You have to say, ‘I have to make a left.”’  I go, “Uh-uh guys!  I have to make a right!”   They were like, “Oh! You’re right!”  It was so awful, but so fun I kept saying: “Through the room, down the stairs, pass the wine cellar…”   Oh my God!  I still know it.  And then Dante made Lulu say it again one more time! (Laughs).  I actually enjoyed those days of work during the entire Cassadine Island trip.

Didn’t you guys laugh?

EMME:  We were dying the whole time! (Laughs)  Then when I came into the room with the gun (laughs) when we were blocking it, Dominic, as Dante goes, “Babe” and I go, “Shut up, Babe!  I got this!” (Laughs)  The cast was laughing at me the entire time!  But it was actually a fun week of shooting for many reasons.  You could pair us all up in different groups and we would all have an amazing time.  And every single set up would be a different experience, because of everybody’s personalities.  I have to say that group was really awesome!  There was Maura West (Ava), Kelly Monaco (Sam) and Genie Francis, and our new Valentin!

What did you think of James Patrick Stuart’s introduction on to the canvas during that arc as Valentin Cassadine?

EMME:  He was kicking ass!  We were all on the set going, “Guys, there is an ACTOR here today!”  First of all, James had a lot of dialog, and it was more of a theatrical type role.  It really got everybody in a 100% on mode.  So yes, we were laughing during blocking, however when we went to tape, it was on!   We were all like, “All right!  Here we go!  We’re on an island and we are going to live on this island!” (Laughs) Everyone really embraced it.  At one point, Dominic is supposed to jump through the air, through the grass, to tackle Kelly Monaco as Sam!  So he has to jump, and he goes running after Sam, and he is supposed to tackle this tiny little woman, right?  But when he did it, he nailed it!   We were taping and he flew!  I am a big fan of absurd circumstances and so I was eating it up!  And then there was this skeleton in this cave!

Speaking of the skeleton, Lulu was originally thinking that it could have belonged to her dad, Luke!  But she also knew Helena loves a good mind-bender!

EMME:  Lulu was aware that it could be half and half.  It is always seemingly Helena pulling the strings, but one has heard from Luke in a really longtime.  At the time, it definitively scared Lulu that it could be her dad.

So on top of all those “Lulucapades”, as all the characters who were hostages were trying to get off the island, they had you say “13 Amiklon Lane!” (Laughs).  This is when you discovered Daphne and her address.  Lulu was shaken because Helena had bequeathed her an empty envelope that had “13 Amiklon, Cassadine Island”, as the return address!

EMME:  Can you imagine?  I go, “Can we just discuss this first?  How am I supposed to pronounce this?   I just want the audience to know that I hate the word “Amiklon” (Laughs).  It sounds ridiculous coming out of my mouth: “13 Amiklon Lane, Cassadine Island!”

There has been a lot of “baby talk” of late for Lulu!  Looks like Lulu is planning to move forward with In Vitro Fertilization for a Lante baby.  However, there was a key message to Lulu during the video reading of Helena’s will, when the evil Cassadine said to her when willing her the empty envelope: “It is to you that I owe the greatest and most sincere debt.  Lulu has done the most for me, more than she’ll ever know.  You may not appreciate this right away, and I understand you may not want to explore this. You can always ignore what this means, but I believe that you would regret that, because there may come a time when your life is empty, and this will give you what you need.”

EMME:  OK, here are my thoughts: Lulu wants to have another baby, but they hinted that out there could be another baby.  Lulu does not know. It is not in her mind anywhere that there could be another baby out there.  Helena may have done something, and it would have been Lulu’s eggs that they would have harvested.

So, would Stavros (Robert Kelker-Kelly) be the likely baby daddy of this never-before-seen spawn?

EMME:  If that were the case, I would assume it would be Stavros who they would have used as the father of the child.  But, I don’t know!  But Lulu is not thinking that at all!  I am thinking that, and I think the audience is thinking that, because it seems it may be steering in that direction, but there has been nothing that has been hinted at to Lulu that there is something about a child that is out there.   But how fun would it be to have a Cassadine child?  I mean, we need one!  We are killing off all the Cassadines!  I need a Cassadine baby! (Laughs) But in Lulu’s mind she might know something is up, but she doesn’t know what it is.

How do you think Nick Stabile fared during his run temporarily replacing Tyler Christopher as your on-screen brother Nikolas?

EMME:  I thought Nick did a fantastic job, but I love Tyler.  It’s so funny, being a recast myself I come in to work, and I have been around a million recasts in the past.  Each time I have always been super welcoming, and always want to make people feel extra comfortable, because they are in a difficult position.  But I walked on set, and had not met Nick yet.  I have to say, I didn’t want to give him a chance.  It has nothing to do with him, but I was upset about Tyler.  I was missing Tyler.  And Tyler and I from day one, from when Lulu had amnesia, it always felt safe to me.  There is a special relationship between Lulu and Nikolas.  All these other characters can come in to the story – but there is something different and special there, that I really, really love.  So, I was super bummed to work with anyone else.  I came in and, of course, I was nice to Nick Stabile, and then he did an amazing job.  So then I went, “Fine!  You’re doing an amazing job!”  Nick was able to in such a short amount of time pick up on those important relationships.  For example, when we hugged when Lulu found out Nik wasn’t dead; he was so present and there.  He was great and he did an excellent job.  We love and miss Tyler without question.  But if I had to leave for a bit, I would want someone to come in here and kickass like he did.  Nick Stabile really kept the character of Nikolas going in Tyler’s absence, which was great.

What about Genie Francis’ emotional performance ripping into Valentin following Nikolas being shot and falling to his death on Cassadine Island?   She blew that material out of the water!

EMME:  She was awesome!  I got chills just talking about this.  It’s so funny, because actors can be so crazy.  I kept telling Genie the whole week that she was kicking-ass!  She would go, “No, no. I’m tired.”  And I get that she said that, because as actors we never know how, or what we are doing is translating on the screen at any given point.  We were walking down the stairs after the island scenes were over, and I tell Genie, “You were awesome!”  She went, “Really?”  I’m like, “Genie!  You have no idea!”  Genie was on in those scenes and really good.  It was amazing, and like I was saying before, there was something that happened during those island scenes.  Everyone was really on and really living that imaginary circumstance, and it was fun.  I loved it.

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Re: Interview: Emmy Rylan

Post by MPchimesin on Wed Aug 24, 2016 10:50 am

I think NS did a great job being Nikolas, but of course I'm glad our TC is coming back.

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Re: Interview: Emmy Rylan

Post by wizkids32 on Wed Aug 24, 2016 4:53 pm

I am glad that Nick is coming back and TC is going to be Nick and I don't know about the baby maybe they will not have one at all since I guess the she has one with Valentine

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Re: Interview: Emmy Rylan

Post by GH Senior on Wed Aug 24, 2016 6:34 pm

anybody else think after today's show Aug 24th, concerning the remark made by 
Dr O have anything to do with Lulu's embryo's, or eggs?? seems to me that the mention of "black market" when speaking to Finn, had nothing to do with the tests he's working on, and more to the fact that that is what happened to Lulu's embryo!   And since there have been rumors of a little girl on Cassadine Island being her daughter from when she was captive there, I don't believe this has anything to do with the one they say didn't survive!  just my thought but it's possible.....

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