what did Jax say on the phone??

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what did Jax say on the phone??

Post by Tarnobrzeg on Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:02 pm

I was on the real phone and I could not hear what Jax said??? Please someone tell me?


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Re: what did Jax say on the phone??

Post by ldeichmill on Tue Aug 16, 2016 8:48 pm

we don't know who Jax was talking to but he said to the person on the other end:

It turns out,  Nelle Hayes is not a threat.  She doesn't know anything about how Joss got her kidney.  And she's leaving town so her contact with Carly will be minimal.  

But Carly stops Nelle before the elevator closes and asks her to stick around Port Charles.   So,,, Jax spoke too soon.  The threat now looks to be staying afterall.  Sonny is on high alert, so what ever Jax is really up to, he will expose him.

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Re: what did Jax say on the phone??

Post by GH Senior on Tue Aug 16, 2016 10:05 pm

exactly what ideichmill said, the 2nd call.  Jax "yeah, it's Jax, it turns out that Nelle Hayes is not a threat, etc."   Carly tells her "we want to get to know you better, do you think you can stay a while?"  Jax turns to them, with a stunned, surprised look on his face.  But, the 1st call he made at the Metro Court the day he showed up in PC, i didn't save that one, it was the first week of August.  I remember him saying something like "I can handle Carly but Sonny is going to be a problem, or I'm not sure about."  in effect, Jax was mentioning something about the transplant, but word for word, I don't have that episode to play back!  What Jax was right about was - Sonny doesn't trust him and he does know there's more to this, concerning Jax, his actions or rather reactions to this donor situation.  Sonny is the best at figuring things out, great intuition, and nothing gets past him!  He knows something and he'll keep digging till he finds out what's up with Jax! Sonny sd, "there's more".  
whoever Jax is talking too, whether it's his brother Jerry or somebody else,  I'm sure Jax PAID for this kidney, even if he doesn't know where it came from!  That's why he so strongly wanted Carly to drop the search, and encouraged his daughter, Joss, into NOT wanting to go on with it also, stating it was for her "feelings".  
Either way, Jax knew about this kidney from the get go, and he even told Carly today - " Remember how sick she was, how terrified we both were?  I would have done anything to save her life  and I know you would too,  so whatever mistakes we made, whatever regrets we might have, they're a small price to pay for saving Joss's life."  This is Jax's confession, right here, the Anything is buying the kidney, the Mistakes, Regrets, are NOT the we as in Carly, but HIS.....

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