The Final 6

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The Final 6

Post by rkc1960 on Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:09 pm

I have mixed feelings about this weeks show. Yes, Lazaro may not be the best singer left but he has been taking a beating with the judges, Jimmy Iovine and even with the other contestants that I think is kind of mean. I also fell for his background story and was happy for him that he was getting the votes to stay in the competition. Jimmy Iovine can be a real ass sometimes in his comments...sort of like they had him take over for Simon since he's not there anymore. Does he have to be so brutal? You can make your point without humiliating a contestant in front of millions of veiwers. And now it seems the judges have taken up the fight to humiliate Lazaro. Niki is another one that can be an ass. I just read an article earlier today where already dismissed top ten contestants Curtis and Burnell tweeted mean things about Lazaro and Angie who is still in the competition was publicly favoring tweets from fans crying out for Lazaro's elimination. With her still being in the competition I think that's a bit uncalled for. And as the article said, don't these dumb kids realize they still have to share a bus and go on tour with Lazaro after this is over? When this show opened up voting to viewers when it started years ago you have to take the good with the bad. It's not the judges, Jimmy Iovine or even the other contestants decision who stays or goes. All I'm saying is that you can state your opinion on whether you think a contestant did well or not so much but this utter humiliation is just very mean spirited and has really turned me off this show this season to the point that I'm thinking of just watching The Voice from now on and letting AI just disappear from my memory.
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Re: The Final 6

Post by SLA44 on Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:45 pm

ITA with everything you said rkc! This show has continued to go down the tube as far as I'm concerned with the judges they had last season and the judges they have this season. Keith Urban is the only decent judge they have on there and he would fit in much better on The Voice than he does on AI. I can't stand either one of the diva judges and Randy has done nothing but rub me the wrong way all season so far. The Judges definitely have their favorites and one of them is not a favorite of the voters but they continue to make her sound like the best thing that has happened to music since I don't know when.

They need to take lessons in constructive criticism because they are just flat out mean, nasty and rude especially in the way Lazaro was treated. He did not deserve that and showed so much more class with the way he handled it on camera than the judges and Jimmy Iovine did IMO.

I like Kree and Janelle but don't know if I can continue to watch a show that has turned into this kind of behavior by supposedly adult judges and professionals. I much prefer The Voice and that is where my loyalties will lie from now on. I had watched AI from the very 1st season but this is probably the end of it for me.
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Re: The Final 6

Post by singlyme on Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:46 am

RKC and SLA, I heartily agree with both of you. Some in the media are pushing the theory that it's okay to be a brutal a$$ if one is in a position to do so. Dance Moms is another example of this. If you want to remain in Abby's class, be prepared to be verbally and emotionally abused - and they're kids! With mothers who do NOT protect them!

I've stopped watching Idol completely. Loved Kree, but wasn't up for a season of BS to hear her for a minute and a half - not if it meant I had to listen to the nasal insults coming out of Manaj. The Voice has been a wonderful replacement.

It upsets me greatly to see the plunge our society has taken in regard to kindness and respect for others. And TV is giving lessons to our young.

Okay. I'm getting down now. lol.

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